Clyde Nursery and Children's Centre


Lewisham Children and Family Centres

Lewisham Children and Family Centres offer you and your family access to a range of health, education, play, parenting and family support services across the borough.  Offering a friendly and supportive service, our aim is to ensure that all Lewisham families know where to go for information, advice and help for any issues that affect their family.

Services are delivered across the borough by Early Year Alliance, Clyde Nursery School, Beecroft Garden School, Kelvin Grove/Eliot Bank and Downderry Children's Centre - in partnership with health visiting, midwifery and public health services.

The Children's Centre at Clyde offers a range of activities and services for children and their families, to give every child the best start in life, via the Lewisham Children and Family Centre offer.

At Clyde you will find an experienced and knowledgeable (and friendly!) Family Support Team; a well-equipped Stay and Play area where children and their families can experience a range of age appropriate activities; access to information as well as courses for parents and carers. We also provide specialist services such as benefits advice and parenting classes.

We also offer volunteering opportunities and if you are interested in these, please come and let us know.

Our Services include

  • Stay&Play Sessions (for families)
  • Employment Advice
  • Accredited Courses
  • Baby Massage (click to find out how to sign up)
  • 2 Year Development checks with Health Visitors from the Waldron
  • Family Support
  • ESOL Classes
  • Parenting Workshops and Courses
  • Financial Advice
  • Childcare Options
  • Speech & Language Therapy (open workshops)

Drop in or call Clyde on 0208 692 3653 for more information.

Click here to see our timetable of what is happening at Clyde and across the whole borough.