Clyde Nursery and Children's Centre


Our Ethos and mission statement

“Our school is a community where children and families come first and learning is fun. People work and play together, respect and care for one another to ensure a bright future for every child”

Children and families come first

We will welcome children and families with a smile and appropriate positive body language, respecting parents as their child’s first educators.

We will build positive relationships with our families and children, sharing information about children’s progress and development.

We will build positive relationships with children, taking an interest in and supporting their learning.

Learning is fun

We will work in partnership with parents to share our ideas about how children learn and what their interests are.

We will provide an autonomous, challenging learning environment that encourages exploration and discovery by setting clear and safe boundaries that enable children to develop.

We will nurture the development of positive attitudes to learning that support children in their life long development.

People work and play together

We will give parents opportunities to participate in the learning for themselves and with their children

We will  involve parents and families in celebrations and outings, seeking their views on the work of the centre

We will work together as a multi-disciplinary team to promote success and support our children and families.

People respect and care for one another

We will respect the different cultures and beliefs of all families, celebrating learning and relationships, reflecting this throughout the centre

We will be professional, keep an open mind and seek to understand each other in order to give mutual support

We will model behaviour in our relationships for children to see

We will show deep respect for all children as independent learners, listening to the child’s voice and seeking to understand his/her needs before we intervene.